Forum Thread: How to Spruce Up Your Christmas Decorations with Glitter

My Christmas decorations were looking pretty pathetic so I tried covering some of them in glitter in a last ditch effort to make them look decent before they headed to the trash. I used craft glue spray and fine glitter I got from Walmart. It took 1 container of glitter to do 3 large poinsettias and the snowflake. I think the glitter cost maybe $1.50 and the spray glue was around $5. I'm going back for more ;P I think I'm going to put some on my pine needle wreath. Anyway, after covering in glitter I sprayed a final coat on top and let them dry overnight. The spray glue sets the glitter really nicely so it's not shedding everywhere. I'm prob the only one who thinks this is cool.

I made the snowflake puffy and full again

And added it to this tree. I didn't take a before photo. Sowi

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