How To: 5 Awesome DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

5 Awesome DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

There's nothing better than gulping down an ice cold beer to calm the senses and ease the mind. The holiday season can be very stressful as people scramble around trying to find the best gifts for friends and family. And we all know that gifts can be very hit or miss, but it's pretty hard to go wrong giving someone a nice bottle of whiskey or a nice selection of beers.

If you feel like that is not creative enough for your beer loving friend, then check out these awesome beer-friendly DIY gift ideas you can use for your Christmas presents.

DIY Wood and Nail Bottle Opener

In order to enjoy a nice bottle of beer, you're going to have to open it, so why not do it with this awesome DIY bottle opener. It's pretty much just a nail and a piece of wood, and it even has a magnet inside to keep those bottle caps from falling to the ground.

If you are planning on making a gift, this is a great place to start. The entire process takes about an hour, but the uniqueness of the gift can go a long way. Gifting a nice box of beers and a DIY bottle opener is a job well done.

Check out this article for more details and images.

DIY Wooden Six-Pack Holder

Nothing dumbs down a nice six-pack of beer than that silly cardboard packaging it comes in. If you want to give a guy a six-pack for Christmas, you're going to need a much more gangster package. So why not step up your game and build this awesome wooden carrying case on your own?

Not only does this wooden holder make your gift so much better, but it is also reusable and downright handsome, and has a built-in bottle opener. You can also pick your favorite beer and make your own eclectic six-pack. It a great gift that allows for customization like carving the name of the person you are giving it too, or painting the wood with whatever cool designs you can think of.

Learn how to make this great gift here.

DIY Beer Treasure Chest

When the heat picks up and you need to toss your beers in a cooler for optimal chill, why not do away with those bland blue or red plastic coolers and create this pirate chest of awesomeness.

Simply replace that hidden treasure with cans or bottles filled with that golden goodness. The cooler is made from plywood and really acts as a shell in which your bland cooler sits inside. Gifting this to a friend will surely make him the life of the next BBQ. Imagine this bad boy out on the beach; it's a winner for sure.

Take a gander here to see how you can craft your own.

Beer Bottle Glasses

Usually, when we finish a beer we throw the bottle away or take it to a recycling center. With this DIY project, you can turn those empty bottles into some great looking drinking glasses.

Images via 366daysofpinterest, Julia Drake/Hypervocal

And the process is pretty simple. All you need is:

  • Yarn
  • Sandpaper
  • Lighter
  • Lighter fluid or rubbing alcohol
  • Beer bottles

Fill up the sink or a large bowl with ice water. You are going to be placing the bottle in the water after the next few steps. Soak the yarn in the alcohol or lighter fluid. Make sure to drip out all of the extra fluid. Now tie the yarn around the neck of the bottle, making sure to have the cup height you desire.

Image by Julia Drake/Hypervocal

With the soaked yarn tied tightly around the bottle, hold it from the neck or base, keeping it as far away from you as possible, and light the yarn on fire.

Image by Julia Drake/Hypervocal

Rotate until the yarn has burned off and then dunk the glass into the ice water for a few seconds. Take it out and you should be able to separate the two pieces. With your cup shaped piece, use the sandpaper to smooth out the top and you're done.

Image by Julia Drake/Hypervocal

Continue this process until you have a nice set to give away for Christmas.

You can find out how to cut the bottles here, or head straight over to Katie Ligon's post on Hypervocal for the full process of making a beer bottle glass.

Not Enough Beer for You?

Now if these ideas aren't enough to satisfy your beer crafting needs, then try this on for size. Sure, it'll only be around for Christmas, but just think how much fun it will be to make your own beer bottle Christmas tree? Who else is gonna drink all of that lager?

Image via Ugly Christmas Trees

Have any other DIY beer project ideas for Christmas? Let us know!

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