How To: 10 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Decorations for the Cheap & Lazy

10 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Decorations for the Cheap & Lazy

Some people put up their holiday decorations as soon as Thanksgiving is over. Some wait until Christmas Eve. Right now, the only thing in my whole apartment that would tip you off is a tiny little fake tree on the counter. I've been planning on decorating all month, but I haven't quite gotten around to it yet.

If you have been procrastinating as well, it's not too late to make your place look festive for the holidays. Here are 10 super easy Christmas decorations you can make with stuff you already have lying around your home.

#1. Cookie Cutter Wreath

This wreath is quick and easy to make, but you have to be willing to sacrifice a few cookie cutters. Just glue the shapes together. That's it. You can spray-paint the wreath and add a bow if you want, or leave it plain if you don't have any.

Image via Midwest Living

#2. Sweater Ornaments

If you have any old sweaters that you don't want anymore, cut them into whatever shapes you want and thread a piece of ribbon or wire through it to make a hook. Easiest ornaments ever. Check out the tutorial on A Subtle Revelry for more details.

Image via A Subtle Revelry

#3. Christmas Light Alternatives

The lights you put on your Christmas tree are more versatile than you think. Put a string inside a mason jar to make a glowing indoor lantern, or skip the tree and make a 2D version on your wall with lights. Head over to Yumi's guide for details and six more alternative uses for string lights.

Images via { Lola + Leopold }, Unknown

#4. Grumpy Cat Ornament

All you need for this Grumpy Cat (RIP) ornament is a printer, a pair of scissors, and some glue. Print it out, put it together, thread a string through the top, and you're ready to hang it on the tree. You can find the download link and video tutorial here.

#5. Book Tree

If you're an avid reader, this DIY alternative Christmas tree is a great way to use what you already have. Stack the books in circles and wrap a string of lights around it, and you're done.

#6. T-Shirt Wreath

Cut out the centers out of two paper plates, tape them together, and wrap strips of a T-shirt around the plates to make a wreath. You can use extra pieces of fabric from the shirt to make simple bows tied on with rubber bands. The step-by-step tutorial is over on Folk Lifestyle.

Image via Folk LIfestyle

#7. Ladder Christmas Tree

Grab your ladder, wrap a string of Christmas lights around it and throw on a topper, and you've got yourself a makeshift tree. You can hang some ornaments on it if you want, or leave them out for a sleek and simple look.

#8. Broken CD Ornaments

Upcycle unused CDs by cutting them up and gluing them onto glass ornaments. You can use a clear bulb and stuff it with colored or metallic paper, or start with a colored bulb for a different look. Head over to Crème de la Craft for instructions.

Image via Creme de la Craft

#9. One-Ingredient Flocking

Turn leftover spackling from your latest home improvement project into the easiest fake snow ever. Paint it on your artificial tree's branches, let it dry completely, and it should stay put for at least a few years.

#10. Toilet Paper Tube Tree Topper

Cut toilet paper tubes into different sized loops and glue them together to make this snowflake Christmas tree topper. If you happen to have some spray paint, you can paint the loops gold or another festive color before gluing them.

Catching up on last-minute gift-wrapping, too? Check out these tricks for sprucing up your packages using stuff you already have.

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