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Have a Grumpy Christmas with This DIY Grumpy Cat Ornament (Free Template)

It may finally be dying down a bit, but there are still plenty of cat lovers addicted to Grumpy Cat, who has surpassed her internet meme stardom to move onto books, calendars, and even a soon-to-be film. For those of you who just can't get enough of the crotchety-faced Tardar Sauce, make this Christmas a Grumpy Christmas with this free printable paper ornament of Grumpy Cat.

Just head on over to Tubby Paws, creator of this 3D papercraft Grumpy Cat, to download the free template (or, just download it directly from here). All you pretty much need is scissors and glue after you print it out. Hit up RobinReichTV's video below to see how to put it together.

If you want to make it a Christmas tree ornament, just poke a small hole through the head and tie a piece of string to it.

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