How To: Create a raffia angel christmas ornament

Create a raffia angel christmas ornament

This learning how to make a raffia angel. Once completed they can be used for gifts or a decoration on a Christmas tree. Supplies needed are: pipe cleaner, glue sticks/glue gun, scissors, wire cutters, pliers and embellishments. Wrap raffia around twice. Tie off, and leave some string to hang the angel. Cut a small part of the bottom until the ends are even. Gather a few strands on either side and braid them to make the arms. Tie these off with a piece of raffia. Put a dot of hot glue in the middle and bring the arms to the center. With a piece of pipe cleaner, bend into the shape of wings. Snip the middle and glue to the angels back. With a gold pipe cleaner wrap into halo and glue to the top of angels head. A small embellishment can be glued to the front of the angels hands.

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