How To: DIY Christmas Decor - Easy & Affordable Ideas!

DIY Christmas Decor - Easy & Affordable Ideas!

Today I bring you my first Christmas themed video!Here there are some DIY ideas to decorate your room for the holiday season. They are really easy and affordable so I hope you like them!

The first one is really really simple and you will need:
A glass vase
Golden glitter
Some salt
And a Christmas figure.

For this DIY simply pour some salt into a vase so it would look like snow, add some glitter and place your figure! As simple as that! I think it looks really pretty, I chose a santa but you can place any figure like a reindeer or a snowman.

For the Christmas tree, you will need:
A big cardstock
Tinsel of any colour
And Some embellishments

First, roll your cardstock until you get a cone shape and secure it in place with some glue.
Then attach the tinsel as I'm doing in the video and add glue here and there to stick it to the cardstock.
Then, trim the excess of cardstock.
For the ornaments of my tree I chose a silver chain ...and a pinecone for the top.

I also add some silver glitter to the pinecone, first, painting the pinecone with some glue and the sprinkling the glitter. Of course the way you decor your tree is up to your choice.

For the jar you will need:
Obviously a jar
A small candle
Again Salt
And embellishments

I decided to use some lace to decorate my jar so I fold it in half and attach it to the jar with some glue. Then I tied a piece of string to form a little bow.

Then again I pour some salt so it would look like snow, some silver glitter and pine tree needles for a Christmasy touch.

Finally add the candle and light it up!

I used to make this snowflakes when a was little and I thought they would be perfect for decorating for Christmas.

First You will need some sticker paper, fold it in half to get a square. Then stick it to some foil so it will be white on one side and silver I the other. Of course you can also make it only white or only silver or even another colour like blue.

Now fold it again in half diagonally and in half again. Now fold the triangle in thirds with the left side to the front, so you get two triangles of the same size. Now fold the right side to the back.

Cut the edges off the bottom.

Now I cut some shapes following the template in the picture, Here they are some templates that you can follow but you can also improvise:

When you're done carefully unfold your creation.
I decided to hang them with some thread from my window but you can use them to decor in any way you like.

And that was all, I hope you enjoy the video and have fun decorating your home for Christmas!!

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