How To: Do a handprint Christmas project with your kids

Do a handprint Christmas project with your kids

In this Family video tutorial you will learn how to do a handprint Christmas project with your kids. Paint your kid's hand with a thick layer of white paint, place it over green construction paper, press it and gently lift it. If the child doesn't like painting of the hand, you can cut out the outline on white construction paper and paste it on green paper. After the paint is dry, dip a finger of the child in black paint and put an impression on the hand print for Santa's mouth. Then dip the bottom end of a glue stick in red paint and make an impression for the nose slightly above the mouth. Then put two impressions with pink paint for the pink cheeks. For the eyes, use small black circles glued or painted over bigger white circles. Then cut out red construction paper in hat shape and glue it on. Then put some white dots below and one dot on top of the hat and you have your handprint Santa.

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