How To: Draw a Christmas tree on MS Paint

Draw a Christmas tree on MS Paint

The first step in drawing a Christmas tree in Microsoft Paint is to open up the program and click on the line button on the left hand side of the toolbar. Start with where you want the top of your tree to be. Click and pull down the cursor about an inch and a half on a 45 degree angle. Click again. Now take the cursor and go to the right about an inch. Click again. Repeat three more times making each 45 degree angle line a little bit longer than the last. It should zigzag angling towards the left when you are done. Repeat for the other side starting at the top going in the opposite direction. When finished, that zigzag line should angle towards the right. Complete the tree shape by connecting the left and right zigzag lines with a horizontal line. Now fill in the tree with a dark green. Next, use the circle button on the toolbar and make different circle ornaments in different colors to decorate. Add a star at the top using the line feature again and a trunk at the bottom. Fill the star and the trunk in with yellow and brown. Using the draw feature, make a tree skirt and fill that in with the color of your choice.

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