How To: Fold detailed origami snowflakes for creative Christmas decorations

Fold detailed origami snowflakes for creative Christmas decorations

Don't spend all your hard-earned money on store-bought Christmas decorations this year. Spend it on cheap paper and make your own Christmas decorations, like this origami snowflake.

This isn't simply cutting out a cute snowflake design with scissors— this is folding paper, origami, an intricate skill not everyone can master, an art form only for the delicate hand. But if you dare try, you'll have an awesome 3D snowflake to through on your Christmas tree. If you have the time, make white and blue versions, and tons of them. Even give them out as ornaments. It's worth the time.

This origami snowflake design is by Jared Needle, demonstrated by Sara Adams. Just watch and learn how to fold this detailed, decorative snowflake for Christmas. To learn how to cut a hexagon, watch this video first.

Here's the specs:

Paper used in this video: 24cm square of kami (9.5in)
Finished model: height of 2cm (0.75in), diameter of 7.5cm (3in)

For more help, download the PDF instructions.

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