How To: Get a Holiday Kiss from Any Girl You Want with This Sneaky Christmas Trick

Get a Holiday Kiss from Any Girl You Want with This Sneaky Christmas Trick

If an athlete gets athlete's foot, what does an astronaut get? Mistletoe. Yup, that's about the only time I've ever really needed mistletoe for anything, but cheesy one-liners aside, mistletoe can be the greatest wingman (or wingwoman) ever, but only during the holiday season.

Sure, there are other ways to steal a kiss, like using card magic and some quick fingers or an elaborate kissing booth costume, but a mistletoe speaks for itself, and is the least shameless. The age-old tradition calls for kissing under the mistletoe, but no one said that mistletoe couldn't be strategically placed.

DIY Portable Mistletoe

If you're feeling lonely or just want to practice your smooching, then all you need to do is attach some mistletoe to a branch or pole and start the lip-locking. And with Christmas closing in, there will be plenty of holiday parties for you to try this little trick at, though I would start right now.

Share the Wealth

Don't be greedy. If you see a couple walking along, drop that mistletoe over their heads and help rekindle the fire. Just hope that they aren't siblings.

Dealing with Rejection

You might also face a few rejections, but it's okay. They are the ones missing out, right? Plus, if you approach it the right way, you will surely get more yays than nays. Needless to say, women will surely have an easier time than the gents, but it's fun nonetheless.

The Best of Friends

Mistletoe is all about togetherness and doesn't discriminate its loving victims. Feel free to spread the holiday joy amongst friends of either sex. Hilarity and a few awkward exchanges will surely ensue.

Feel free to share your own mistletoe stories in the comments section, and check out the video from Whatever below to see how it works in the wild.

Happy holidays!

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