How To: Hang indoor Christmas lights

Hang indoor Christmas lights

A presenter from The Home Depot gives you several tips and professional secrets on how to hang your indoor Christmas lights making this tricky process a little bit easier. She takes you through the selection of lights, planning and the installation of lights.

-It's easier to plan projects for each room and to select one kind of bulb for the tree.
-When selecting bulbs always select traditional holiday colors like red, green and gold.
-Before the installation it is important to check the lights for burnt out bulbs and replace them bulbs of the same voltage made by the same manufacturer.
-You might want to get the Light Keeper pro repair tool to fix faulty miniature light sets and bulbs.
-When hanging lights on the tree work from the top downwards if the tree is too tall you might want to lay it on it's side.
-Zig-Zag the lights from to bottom keeping the space even.
-A 3D effect can be achieved by starting at the trunk and working your way to the tip of the branch and back to the trunk.
-Use about 100-150 lights per foot of tree.
-There after hang the ornaments making sure not to hang them from lights or their wires.
-You can also purchase a timer to switch the lights on and off.
-For safety unplug all plugs and extension cords when the lights are not used for an extended period of time.
-Use suction cup hooks, support lamps or light clips to hang lights from indoor windows.
-For railings and mantels use garlands to hang lights and ornaments.

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