How To: Make all-natural Christmas garlands for the holidays

Make all-natural Christmas garlands for the holidays

When decorating for the holidays, try using as many natural materials as you can. The choices are virtually endless, from the grocery store to the garden. Some of the most effective Christmas decorations you can make are garlands. You can hang Christmas garlands over windows, over doors, over the mantle or even on Christmas trees.

In this holiday video, P. Allen Smith shows you how you can make all-natural Christmas garlands for the holidays. For one particular Christmas garland recipe, you'll need some cranberries, dried sliced apples and cinnamon sticks and some thin wire. Add some fresh greenery for a personalized touch. These Christmas garlands make for beautiful decorations for the indoors or the outdoors. If using for outdoor decorations, just be careful of the famished animal, here and there.

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