How To: Make a Candy Cane Christmas Martini for the holidays

Make a Candy Cane Christmas Martini for the holidays

What's the perfect Christmas drink for this holiday season... a candy cane martini. This festive winter drink is perfect for all of your holiday parties, even if it's Christmas in July that you're celebrating, or even Hanukkah. Watch as Art of the Drink's Anthony Caporale as he teaches you how to make this Candy Cane Christmas Martini.

Begin by taking a martini glass and rim the glass with a little bit of gravy, then some red and green sugar. Now, in your shaker tin full of ice, pour some vanilla vodka, a little bit of peppermint schnapps and white chocolate liqueur. Shake up the alcohol and then add one ounce of half-and-half. Before pouring the festive alcoholic mixture into the martini glass, drizzle a little grenadine into the glass first. Oh, and don't forget the all important candy cane for that Christmas flavor.

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Almost makes me want to drink it. (and I haven't had any alcoholic drinks in like eight years!) Great site, too! Thanks for sharing!


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