How To: Make a Christmas bow with the help of toothpicks

Make a Christmas bow with the help of toothpicks

Dana Plazyk shows how to make a beautiful 'Christmas Bow', in this video. All that is required to make this bow are the following:•A decorative Ribbon•Toothpicks•A rectangular piece of foamShe begins by making a whole twist, near one end of the ribbon. The twisted part of the ribbon is placed right behind a toothpick, fastened on a rectangular piece of foam. She then fastens the ribbon at that point with a second toothpick, to hold it in place. A small central loop is created on the free end of the ribbon, by making half a twist. This is fastened to the foam using a toothpick. The twists should be done in such a way that the front side of the ribbon is always revealed on the outside of the bow. The pairs of side loops are made next, by making half a twist and placing them behind the previous toothpick and fastening it with another toothpick. This procedure is followed for making three pairs of side loops, with the 2nd pair of loops being slightly larger than the 1st and 3rd pairs. A wire is then passed below the loops and the bow is lifted off the foam. The wire is tightened to reveal a gorgeous bow. You can now decorate your Christmas tree, wreath etc with this beautiful bow.

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