How To: Make a Christmas centerpiece with evergreens & flowers

Make a Christmas centerpiece with evergreens & flowers

This video will help you to make a Christmas centerpiece with flowers and evergreens. The materials required are a plastic centerpiece tray, floral foam, two candles, two candle cups and wired wooden pegs. Flowers like red carnations, white cushion chrysanthemums, red and white pixie carnations and roses can be used for this arrangement. Evergreens used are cedar, pine, princess pine, and variegated holly. The foam is placed in water in the tray. The candle cups with the candles are placed in the center of the floral foam. The pines are arranged along the base, followed by cedar, princess pine and holly, towards the center of the design. The flowers and pine cones are arranged around the design. Keeping the tray filled with water and in a cool place assures you of a fresh looking centerpiece for Christmas.

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