How To: Make Christmas ornaments from CDs

Make Christmas ornaments from CDs

This video from Educational Art Institute shows us how to repurpose old CDs for use as Christmas ornaments. There are many different ways to do this. One idea is to use glue applied onto the CD in any pattern or design and add one or more colors of glitter. If you don't like the mess of glitter, then glitter glue is a great alternative. They come in many different colors and are easy to apply. In both of the above cases you can also add sequins for more decoration. If you are going to decorate both sides of the CD, make sure you finish one side first, let it dry, and then do the other side. Another option is to apply glue and decorate with pieces of tissue paper. Decoupage also works well. Magazine pages can be cut into small pieces and applied onto the glued surface. Finally, if you have a little more time to invest, yarn can be woven through the center hole and around the outer edge and repeated until the entire surface of the CD has been covered. When you are finished, tie a ribbon through the CD and hang for a festive look.

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