How To: Make a Christmas Tree

Make a Christmas Tree

How to make 3 different Christmas trees. Brighten up your home this Christmas with a beautiful homemade Christmas tree or three!

Watch This Video Guide:

Full details well explained in this video guide: How to make a Christmas Tree

Desk Top Tree

Step 1:

Start by cutting the end off a cork

Step 2:

Poke a toothpick into the middle

Step 3:

Cut out some tissue paper circles and thread them onto the spine

Step 4:

Add the Star!

Center Piece Tree

Step 1:

Roll up a piece of paper or card into a cone and fix it with tape.

Step 2:

Take a 5" strip of wrapping paper, curl it around and tape the ends together, then slice the paper through the curl as shown.

Step 3:

Wrap the paper around the cone and tape it on. do this in layers all the way up the cone.

Step 4:

Keep going until you get to the top then add a Christmas star.

Stick Tree

Step 1:

Take a pile of sticks and cut them to length so you can arrange a tree formation like this.

Step 2:

Bind the sticks together with ribbon

Step 3:

Decorate the tree.

Watch the video at the top of the page for full details

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