How To: Make a Christmas tree centerpiece

Make a Christmas tree centerpiece

During the darkness of the winter months some bright and spirited holiday decorations can really add holiday cheer to a home. This Christmas, try making this festive tree and light table piece because you can never have too many decorations.

Step 1: Clean and dry baby food jars

Clean and dry all of the baby food jars. Remove any labels, and set the lids aside.

Step 2: Glue the jars into the shape of a tree

Set the jars on their sides and glue them into the shape of a tree, with a row of five jars forming the bottom, followed by a row of four, then three, then two, and finally one jar. Allow each row to dry before adding the next row.

Step 3: Punch holes in each jar lid

Punch a hole in each jar lid. Use the hammer to tap the screwdriver until it makes a small hole, and then move the screwdriver back and forth until the hole is large enough to house a Christmas light.

Step 4: Cover holes with tin foil

Cover each hole with a piece of tin foil to protect your hands while making the tree.

Step 5: Insert lights into each lid; put lids on jars

Insert a Christmas light into each lid. Then put the lids back on the jars so that the lights are inside. Leave the cord hanging from the bottom of the tree.

Step 6: Add ribbon and other decorations

Add ribbon and other decorations. Wrap a large ribbon around the outside of the tree and tie a bow on top. Use glue to keep your decorations in place.

Step 7: Use painted cardboard to finish the back

Cut a piece of cardboard to the size of your tree. Paint it metallic silver or gold to match your color scheme, and glue it to the back of the tree to hide the jar lids.

Step 8: Plug the lights into the nearest outlet

Place your tree on a table or in the window and plug it in. Dim your house lights and enjoy your new homemade source of Christmas cheer.

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