How To: Make a Christmas tree ornament

Make a Christmas tree ornament

Spray the Styrofoam ball with a color that adheres to the scheme of the ribbon and ornaments. There will be white space when you make a Christmas ornament tree, and the color on the ball will help to conceal the space.

Insert the rod into the base of your globe. This will give you a good point of reference as to where you need to place the ornaments for the tree.

Begin by prepping the ornaments. Remove the metal base of the ornaments. The glass hole left is what you will press into the Styrofoam ball with the help of hot glue to secure the ornaments.

Press the ornaments into the ball. Begin with larger ones, spreading them far enough apart to allow space for smaller ones. Once you have the larger ornaments in place, press the smaller ones into the spaces. To make a Christmas ornament tree, keep aesthetics in mind and try to be uniform in the spacing of the larger to smaller globes.

Use the ribbon. Twirl ribbon around the remainder of the dowel rod using hot glue to cover all of the wood. Then use bits of ribbon (bows, curls, or ribbons folded in half) to fill in the spaces between the ornaments with hot glue or pins.

Cut a brick of Styrofoam to use in your container. Place a weighted object in the bottom of the container first to keep the tree from falling over. If the container is circular or boxed in shape, cut the brick to fit securely. Place the bottom edge of the dowel rod into the brick and use hot glue if not secure.

Decorate with excess ribbon or ornaments. To cover the base of the tree, use ribbon as a cover or place ribbon and ornaments at the bottom. The decoration of the tree can be done with many different objects or materials. To make a Christmas ornament tree you can use your imagination and take the color preferences of the recipient into consideration to personalize it.

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