How To: Make a Christmas tree skirt

Make a Christmas tree skirt

Looking to make this Christmas a DIY Christmas? Why not make your own Christmas tree skirt, customized to fit your personality and home decor! Nothing says it's Christmas like a beautiful Christmas tree. Now you can decorate the area below with a handmade Christmas tree skirt that you can be proud of.

You Will Need:
• 1½ yards of lining fabric
• A tape measure
• String
• A pencil or sewing chalk
• Scissors
• 1½ yards facing fabric
• Straight pins
• Decorative trim
• A sewing machine
• Masking tape
• Thread
• An iron
• Glue-on trim (optional)


(1) Fold fabric and pin

(2) Draw an arc

(3) Cut lining fabric along the arc

(4) Pin trim between the layers

(5) Measure ½ inch from sewing needle and mark

(6) Sew the layers together

(7) Fold circle and draw small arc

(8) Cut a slit from one side to the center

(9) Turn the skirt right side out

(10) Decorate

For full written instructions, go here

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