How To: Make an easy holiday gingerbread house this Christmas

Make an easy holiday gingerbread house this Christmas

"Easy gingerbread house" may sound like an oxymoron, but our step-by-step guide turns this daunting holiday project into a cakewalk.

You will need:
at least 3 days to prepare
gingerbread cookie dough
plastic wrap
poster board or cardboard
wax paper
rolling pin
2 cookie sheets
shortening or nonstick cooking spray
a foam core base
royal icing
a cloth
pastry bag
candies for decorating
canned goods

A gingerbread house is a fun Christmas craft- don't miss out on making one this year. This video is thorough in its instruction. Learn how to make a flawless gingerbread house.

Did you know? The world's largest gingerbread house was built in Minnesota's Mall of America, and was made with nearly 15,000 pounds of gingerbread!

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trying to build a ginger bread house is a lot clearer. Good video, well done.

Great ginger bread house! We have a similar video at our website:

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