How To: Make a Gastronomically Correct Christmas Tree You Can Eat

Make a Gastronomically Correct Christmas Tree You Can Eat

Edible decorations are the best kind of decorations—not only do they look good, they also serve a purpose. An edible centerpiece is a great way to entertain your guests and gives them something to tide them over while you're cooking if you're serving food.

That's why this gastronomic antipasti Christmas tree by Luxirare (creator of the famous doughless pizza) is perfect. It's festive and pretty with tons of delicious Italian snacks hanging from the branches.

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She started with a rosemary tree and decorated it with slices of soppressata, kalamata olives, anchovies, roasted pepper garland, and a star made of Piave cheese. The sausage ornaments are pierced and tied onto the tree using chives. Underneath the tree, the presents include sanbitter soda with gin and lemon and toasted bread.

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Click through to the full post to see a bunch more photos and details about the ingredients she used, and be sure to check out some of Luxirare's other ingenious food creations on WonderHowTo.

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Very good idea for Christmas! Now the whole Christmas tree will be eaten by people!!

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