How To: Make a holiday decor trivet for Christmas with Etsy

Make a holiday decor trivet for Christmas with Etsy

This week on Etsy How-Tuesday Kristen Couse aka cakehouse shows us how to make a decorative holiday trivet for the dining table. You can spice up your home decor, whether you're hosting Christmas or a potluck with friends!
Things you will need to make your patchwork trivet:
* A piece of fleece, felt, or old wool blanket (for the inside)
* A piece of large fabric (for the back)
* Some small square or rectangular fabric scraps (for the patchwork)
* Pins
* Sewing needles
* Fabric shears
* Scissors
* Sewing Machine
* 2 Pieces of paper or tracing paper

How to make your holiday patchwork trivet:
1. Draw your pattern onto a sheet of paper or download this pattern and print it out.
2. Trace a slightly smaller leaf from the pattern on a separate piece of paper.
3. Pin the larger pattern onto the backing fabric and the smaller one to the felt/wool interior.
4. Cut out the patterns from the fabric.
5. Unpin the paper patterns from the fabric and set them aside.
6. Sew the interior onto the backing fabric along the edge, allowing about a quarter inch.
7. Lay out your fabric scraps in the arrangement that you want to have on your trivet and re-use the bigger paper pattern to determine the overall size.
8. Overlap the fabric and stitch them together into rows.
9. Iron the rows.
10. Stitch the rows together.
11. Iron the whole thing.
12. Pin the bigger pattern on and cut the pattern out of the patchwork.
13. Sew the patchwork onto the backing fabric with the outside facing in and leave a space at the bottom.
14. Flip the fabric inside out through the opening at the bottom and use a paintbrush or a letter opener to push the corners out.
15. Stitch up the bottom using a blind stitch.
16. If you want you can add a stem by stitching it onto the outside, or embroider veins into the leaf as a finishing touch.

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