How To: Make musically controlled and synced Christmas lights

Make musically controlled and synced Christmas lights

Want to be more like Carson Williams this Christmas? Well, that means having a highly decorated house, full of Christmas lights and other holiday decorations, but that's not all... having your Christmas lights synchronized with your favorite holiday jingle or Yuletide tune is the key.

In this holiday decorating video, Tinkernut shows you how to make musically controlled and synced Christmas lights for the holidays. It's easy to synchronize your favorite Christmas song with your Christmas lights, and it's a great way to liven up your winter holiday.

What you'll need is some xmas lights... obviously, a house... another obvious item, a two-pronged outlet adapter without the ground, some excess power cords, a soldering iron, speakers, stereo or computer, your favorite Christmas music and a solid state relay, specifically a Crydom Load Free Solid State Relay, D2W203F.

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What do you do with the rest of the other wires. The one with the green male adapter and the wire that goes to the other speaker?

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