How To: Make a Snowman & Christmas Tree with Sugar Paste

Make a Snowman & Christmas Tree with Sugar Paste

It's time for the holidays, and you're full of Christmas cheer, all ready to make some homemade decorations. Well, get out your modeling sugar and check out these two video tutorials on how to make a snowman and Christmas tree with modeling sugar paste.

These crafty Christmas tree and snowmen decorations can be used for the perfect holiday cake topper, and they're completely edible... no clay here, just sugar paste. Modeling paste is either sugarpaste or fondant mixed with tylpur or tylose powder. You can even use ready-made gum paste for these two excellent Christmas cake decorations.

How to Make the Snowman

How to Make the Christmas Tree

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Thanks for taking the time to show how to work with gum paste. I never would have thought it was so easy. I've made several things now but I never would have attempted it without your videos

Does anyone know what kind of glue she is using to do this?

its called edible glue you can buy it from any good cake decorating shop

Im gonna use that christmas tree to decorate my christmas cake this year yaaay x

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