How To: Wrap Christmas or holiday presents creatively

Wrap Christmas or holiday presents creatively

This holiday season, become a wrap artist! Learn how to make every Christmas present look festive, no matter what shape or size. Wrapping Christmas gifts can be quite the bore, but when you add a little artfulness, it could be more fun than ripping it off and finding your present.

This tutorial video will show you how to wrap Christmas or holiday presents creatively. Not only can these wrapping tips be used for the winter holidays, but they're good for birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Hanukkah and other special gift-giving days.

You will need: a gift box, wrapping paper, scissors, tape, a bow or ribbon, cardboard boxes or balloons, fabric, children's bed sheets, Chinese takeout containers, empty paper towel rolls or oatmeal canisters, matching boxes in various sizes and double-sided tape.

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