The Twelve Explosions of Christmas: How a Pyromaniac Gears Up for the Holidays

Fireworks are synonymous with holidays like Fourth of July and New Year's, but rarely do you ever hear about fireworks or explosives going off during a Christmas celebration—until now.

Greg Foot and Mike Sansom from Head Squeeze changed the traditional "Twelve Days of Christmas" caroling song up a bit to fit their merry pyromaniacal spirit this year, and they've made a video for each explosive day heading up to the main Santa day itself.

Check out all of the individual videos below, and stay tuned for when the newest ones come out.

12 Mince Pies a Popping

11 Baubles Blazing (with Molten Iron)

10 Stockings Spontaneously Combusting

9 Reindeers-a-Rocketing

8 Brussels Sprouts Cannons Firing

7 Bags of Chestnuts Roasted (by Flame Cannons)

6 Christmas Presents Exploding (with Liquid Nitrogen)

5 Hydrox Santas on Fire

4 Colored Flaming Puddings

3 Cracking Crackers

2 Melting Snowmen

And an Epic Fireworks Tree

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