News: Watch This $15 Conductive Marker Create a Magical Circuit Board Christmas Village

Watch This $15 Conductive Marker Create a Magical Circuit Board Christmas Village

This year, there's no need to waste time and energy stringing colorful Christmas lights all over your home and yard. All you need is the Circuit Marker from AgIC, a Japanese technology company, and you're ready to deck the halls.

The marker, along with special circuit paper, allows you to easily draw and complete electrical circuits. They even have a Circuit Eraser you can use for mistakes.

AgIC, which gets its name from the chemical symbol for silver (Ag), uses quick-drying silver conductive ink to connect pre-laid out resistors, LEDs, transistors, etc. AgIC has been working on this technology since 2011 and, according to their website, "You can make circuits exactly as you use a printer using ordinary ink at your home and office." Electrical engineering has never been more simple.

Image by AgIC/YouTube

The video was produced by Japanese company Kandenko, and combines the AgIC products with an origami-like process that really brings the cityscape to life in 3D. Although it takes a bit of ingenuity and planning, using a circuit marker is a quick and easy way to create something that will capture the attention of people passing by.

So, this holiday season, save yourself a trip to your local lights display and draw one of your own!

Image by AgIC/YouTube

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