How To: Decorate Christmas sugar cookies like a pro

Decorate Christmas sugar cookies like a pro

You've got the basic recipe. Now learn all the different ways you can decorate those holiday sugar cookies like a pro.

You will need:
specialty decorating items
sugar cookie dough
cookie cutters
cookie sheets
currants, chopped nuts, assorted candy
food coloring liquid and food coloring gel or paste
a pastry brush or small artist brush
hard candies
a plastic bag
a rolling pin
plastic squeeze bottles
royal icing
a butter knife
rolled fondant
waxed paper
cookie tins
a straw
a toothpick

This video goes over several techniques for Christmas cookies decorating. Did you know? More than 55 million American households bake holiday cookies. This video should inspire you to make your own beautiful Christmas cookies this holiday season.

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Great!! Beautiful look for cookies-& presentation
is 100% professional!

hope mine turn out half as good as these lol

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